Halal landscapes of Dagestani entrepreneurs in Makhachkala ("Ethnicities")  

Iwona Kaliszewska
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Dr Iwona Kaliszewska:

"It has recently become increasingly popular for small entrepreneurs in Dagestan to introduce elements of Islamic economy into their everyday economic practices. In my paper, I take a closer look at everyday life and the ways of conducting business among small entrepreneurs in Makhachkala, the capital of the Republic of Dagestan in the Russian Federation. In order to scrutinize the relationship between everyday religious observance, space and economic practices within a broader socio-political context, I introduce the term ‘halal landscape’. ‘Halal landscapes’ emerge through the gradual infusion of Islam into the sphere of economic activities, where they form ‘Islam-inspired’ social spaces, in which economic and moral dimensions are interwoven with formal and informal norms and regulations, and where social life – the area of interaction between human and non-human actors – has its unique materiality and temporality.

In my paper, I look into the halal landscapes of Dagestani entrepreneurs in Makhachkala and demonstrate the analytical potential of the term to study the social and cultural nature of Islam-inspired economic practices. Important elements of these halal landscapes include the avoidance of deception and usury, promotion of honesty and observance in the workplace, payment of zakat, as well as thorough knowledge about these issues."