"Twilight Zone Anthropology: Voices from Poland"

Michał Buchowski, red.
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The RAI Country Series
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Twilight Zone Anthropology: Voices from Poland
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Nowa publikacja antropologiczna, do której teksty napisali także pracownicy IEiAK:
dr hab. Agnieszka Kościańska, dr hab. Anna Malewska-Szałygin i dr hab. Magdalena Radkowska-Walkowicz.

Twilight Zone Anthropology: Voices from Poland: LINK

Twilight Zone Anthropology provides an engaging and multifaceted picture of anthropology in Poland, Bronisław Malinowski’s motherland, with a comprehensive introduction describing the discipline’s history thus far, and thematic contributions detailing diverse and innovative contemporary practices that foreshadow rich possibilities for its future.

Offering many insights as to how anthropology may be practised so as to evolve original conceptions and contributions to world anthropologies from a decentred context, in response to global trends, this work represents a significant step forward in the ongoing redefinition of global hierarchies of knowledge and the creation of a pluriversal anthropology.