Nordic Ethnology and Folklore Conference z udziałem pracowników IEiAK UW

plakat konferencji

W dniach 3-16 czerwca 2022 w Reykjavík (Islandia) odbyła się konferencja Re:22 (University of Iceland, School of Education).

Głownym tematem konferencji była powtarzalność:
We make sense of repetition: repeated patterns (a.k.a. culture), repeated actions (a.k.a. performance), repeated words (a.k.a. folk narrative), repeated rhythms and melodies (a.k.a. folk music), repeated forms and dispositions (a.k.a. material culture; indeed re is the ablative case of the Latin res for thing or matter). Our fields were formed and reformed around various notions of return: the ways in which people (in various times and places) recycle ideas, restore behaviors, remix words, recreate tunes, reuse objects, remember customs, remake, repair, rehash, refine and reduce. This is our special remit within the humanities and social sciences.
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Wśród paneli tematycznych pojawił się także jeden, prowadzony przez dr hab. Magdalenę Radkowską-Walkowicz prof. ucz. i dr Marię ReimannRe-thinking crisis. Children's perspective (14 czerwca 2022). O panelu:
This panel focuses on the ways in which children experience and think about crisis. We invite papers that look at children's perspectives on different crisis (divorce, migration, illness) in order to understand the meanings children attach to them and allow their voices become part of the debate. More

W panelu znalazły się wystąpienia naszych pracowniczek:

  • "Sometime it's a problem, when people ask". Children's experience of living in two homes - Maria Reimann 
    A growing number of couples in Poland decide to shared childcare equally after divorce (separation). Children who live in joint physical custody spend a comparable amount of time at mother's and father's place. What is their experience of home and belonging? Is it possible to have to homes? more
  • ‘I created him anew’: family court judges' views on the position of children separated from their first families - Ewa Maciejewska-Mroczek 
    This paper is based on interviews with the judges from Polish family courts. The children separated from families are seen as vulnerable and passive. The position of the child vis-à-vis the court reveals the problematic position of children and professionals in the child support system. more


Dodatkowo w panelu Re:making landscape (explorations and conceptualizations) 16 czerwca 2022 udział wziął dr Hubert Wierciński:

  • Climbing heritage. The lines, landscapes, and aesthetics of rock climbing - Hubert Wierciński 
    Climbing landscapes are infinite memory books written by those who came before. How this heritage left in rocks manifests itself in the aesthetics of movement and the experiences embedded in the lines which have become climbing routes? How are we to understand the multisensory craft of climbing? more