A sense of belonging to war in Ukraine - nagranie z seminarium

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Seminarium IEiAK
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Tina Polek

The presentation given by dr Tina Polek (Centre for Applied Anthropology, Ukraine) will concentrate around a sense of belonging to war in Ukraine. It will show how this feeling is constructed, how it works on macro and micro level, what is an ethics of belonging to war and how belonging is represented in offline and online everyday life. The presentation will include the author's reflection about a sense of belonging to war in Western, Central Ukraine and in Kyiv.

Dr. Tina Polek is a member of the European Association of Social Anthropologists and a co-founder of the NGO “Centre for Applied Anthropology.” For the last four years, she worked as an applied anthropologist in non-commercial projects and as business anthropologist for Ukrainian companies. Research interests: urban anthropology and digital anthropology.