Veiled and Unveiled in Chechnya and Daghestan

Kaliszewska Iwona, Falkowski Maciej
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Ukazało się angielskie wydanie książki Iwony Kaliszewskiej oraz Macieja Falkowskiego zawierającej reportaże z Czeczenii i Dagestanu.


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Offering an unflinching portrait of life in Daghestan and Chechnya, focusing on its girls and women, this book presents the north Caucasus today through the eyes of two Poles, an anthropologist and a writer, who travelled there amid a locally rooted but newly assertive Islamic revivalism.

Shadowed by Russian secret police, they participate in Muslim rites in villages which penalise those caught smoking or drinking, even in their own homes; spend time with polygamous families; talk to human rights and democracy activists whose names feature on hit lists, and to young people about religion, polygamy, prostitution and sex. They also track down ‘Wahhabis’ (known locally as ‘devils’) who conceal their religious affiliations for fear of persecution. In Daghestan the authors encounter two Sufi religious leaders, both of whom were later murdered, and in Grozny, young men who survived torture but were forced to commit perjury. They hang out with young women ‘encouraged’ by the Chechen regime to ‘conduct themselves morally’ for the good of the nation; accompany girls on dates; and find out from eighteen-year-old divorcées why it’s better to share a bed with another wife than have no husband at all.