State and Legal Practice in the Caucasus

Kaliszewska Iwona, Voell Stéphane
Rok wydania: 

Ukazała się książka pod redakcją Iwony Kaliszewskiej oraz Stéphana Voella dotycząca pluralizmu prawa i doświadczania państwa na Kaukazie.

Legal pluralism and the experience of the state in the Caucasus are at the centre of this edited volume. This is a region affected by a multitude of legal orders and the book describes social action and governance in the light of this, and considers how conceptions of order are enforced, used, followed and staged in social networks and legal practice. Principally, how is the state perceived and how does it perform in both the North and South Caucasus?

From elections in Dagestan and Armenia to uses of traditional law in Ingushetia and Georgia, from repression of journalism in Azerbaijan to the narrations of anti-corruption campaigns in Georgia - the text reflects the multifarious uses and performances of law and order. The collection includes approaches from different scholarly traditions and their respective theoretical background and therefore forms a unique product of multinational encounters.

The volume will be a valuable resource for legal and political anthropologists, ethnohistorians and researchers and academics working in the areas of post-socialism and post-colonialism.


ISBN: 978-1-4724-4691-6