"Undisciplined Surfaces"

Mateusz Laszczkowski
Rok wydania: 
Tytuł książki / czasopisma: 
Repair, Brokenness, Breakthrough
Język oryginału: 

rozdział w książce pt. "Repair, Brokenness, Breakthrough"

Nakładem wydawnictwa Berghahm ukazała się książka pt. "Repair, Brokenness, Breakthrough" pod redakcją Francisco Martíneza i Patricka Laviolette.

Książka zawiera rozdział napisany przez dra Mateusza Laszczkowskiego, zatytułowany "Undisciplined Surfaces."

"Exploring some of the ways in which repair practices and perceptions of brokenness vary culturally, Repair, Brokenness, Breakthrough argues that repair is both a process and also a consequence which is sought out—an attempt to extend the life of things as well as an answer to failures, gaps, wrongdoings, and leftovers. This volume develops an open-ended combination of empirical and theoretical questions including: What does it mean to claim that something is broken? At what point is something broken repairable? What are the social relationships that take place around repair? And how much tolerance for failure do our societies have?"