Numer specjalny Revista del CESLA (24/2019): “Critical Approaches to Food Heritage in Latin America” 

pod red. dr Renaty Hryciuk (IEiAK) i Rondy L. Brulotte (University of New Mexico, USA)

Data dodania: 

The special issue of Revista del CESLA: International Latin American Studies Review entitled “Critical Approaches to Food Heritage in Latin America,” features contributions from an international group of sociocultural anthropologists and other food scholars who examine the ways in which food and food-related practices are constructed as food heritage or patrimony in Mexico as well as selected regions of Latin America. The focus on Mexico is not coincidental: it was one of the first countries, in 2010, to secure a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) designation for its cuisine and has served as a model for other countries seeking UNESCO recognition. Ratified as “Traditional Mexican Cuisine—ancestral, ongoing community culture, the Michoacán paradigm,” Mexico’s UNESCO bid revealed not only a nationalist agenda for raising global awareness about its gastronomy but also for promoting tourism among other developmental programs.

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