Do ‘in vitro children’ exist? The ‘ontological choreography’ between public debates and private experiences in Poland

Ewa Maciejewska-Mroczek, Magdalena Radkowska-Walkowicz
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W prestiżowym czasopiśmie Children's Geographies ukazał się artykuł Ewy Maciejewskiej-Mroczek i Magdaleny Radkowskiej-Walkowicz na temat "dzieci z in vitro".


Children who were born used IVF in Poland are subject of vivid discussion nowadays. In this article, we probe the ontology of the in vitro child: do in vitro children exist? If so, how and where? We analyse how an ‘IVF child’ is constructed through public discourses and private narratives. We explore media publications, as well as doctors’ and parents’ narratives concerning IVF children. A very strong voice in the debate has Catholic Church, which opposes medically assisted reproduction. Our main interest in this text are the answers of children and adults born using in vitro. Even young children recognize some focal points from the debate over assisted reproduction and refer to them. Their narratives show that they feel interpellated into existence by various discourses. In this manner, we argue, being an ‘in vitro child’ in Poland is a political status, not a biological one.

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