"Can the Children Speak? Voice, Children and ADHD Diagnosis in an Ethnographic Research" 

Anna Witeska-Młynarczyk
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Tytuł książki / czasopisma: 
Revue des Sciences Sociales
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Ukazał się artykuł dr Anny Witeskiej-Młynarczyk w Revue des Sciences Sociales 63 w tomie poświęconym dzieciństwom, zatytułowanym "Enfants. Contraintes et pouvoir d'agir" (s. 46-57).


In the following pages I will ask the questions “can the children speak?” and “who is speaking?” in the context of an ethnographic study with vulnerable children. Reflecting upon my own project studying the experiences of children diagnosed with ADHD, conducted in contemporary Poland, I will put forward an interpretation of children’s voices as “emergent” and conditioned by the everyday social reality of children participating in social research, by the circumstances of an ethnographic project, and by the wider political debate and the material and social infrastructures. I will also present my own struggles with ethical responsibility, and discuss my biases and expectations and how these evolved during an intersubjective ethnographic exchange. I will here differentiate between the politicized voice and the everyday voice of children.