dr Hui Zhang

Visiting Professor



Hui Zhang received her PhD from the Anthropology department at the London School of Economics in 2010 and the book based on her PhD research entitled “Envy and Windfall Wealth: an anthropological study” (in Chinese) has been published in 2016. From 2011-2015, she has been working on a EU-funded research “URBACHINA: sustainable urbanisation in China”, which developed into a joint publication “China’s Urban Century: Governance, Environment and Socio-Economic Imperatives” edited by Francois Gipouloux. From 2015-2016, she was a visiting scholar at University of Rome (Sapienza), working with Prof. Santangelo on research into emotion and state of mind in Ming-Qing China. From 2018, she started to conduct field research and comparative work on China and Poland. Her current project is on the construction of motherhood and anxiety in childrearing in the two countries.

Obszary zainteresowań

economic anthropology, urbanisation, anthropology of emotion, and cultural comparison


Selected Publications in English:

 “Suburban resettlement: urbanizing farmers in Chongqing and Kunming”, 2015, Geography Research Forum, Vol.35: 28-41.

with Stephan Feuchtwang and Paula Morais ‘Failures of policy and plan in the formation of urban community’, 2015, in Francois Gipouloux (ed) China’s Urban Century; Governance, environment and socio-economic imperatives, London: Edward Edgar, 2015, pp 195-212.

“The ethics of envy avoidance in contemporary China” in Charles Stafford ed. Ordinary Ethics, 2013, pp115-132.


Selected Publications in Chinese:

Book: Envy and windfall wealth: an anthropological study, 2016, Social Science Academic Press (China).

Journal Articles:

with Krzysztof Kardaszewicz, “One Belt One Road and Chinese immigrants in Poland”, 2018, Population Research, 42(3):101-112.

with Huang, Jianbo, “Anxiety, fear and the ordinary life in our time”, 2017, Journal of Southwest Minzu University, 9: 6-12.

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“Auspiciousness, Luck and Fate: a Cultural Interpretation of Windfall Wealth”, 2015, Sixiang Zhanxian, 2: 49-54.

“Envy and Perceived Inequality: Analysis on the official discourse of ‘red-eye disease’ and ‘wealth hatred mentality’”, 2014, Academia Bimestris (Xuehai), 5: 143-151.

“An anthropological study of ‘red-eye’: the case of mining disputes in Northeast China”, 2014, Folklore Studies (Minsu Yanjiu), 6: 115-123 (in Chinese).

“Prospects of the Research on Anthropology of Emotion”, Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities, 2013, 35 (6), pp 60-65 (in Chinese).