The Voices of Russia’s Minorities on the Invasion of Ukraine

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In this talk, we will present a Special section of the journal Inner Asia (25; 2023), entitled “The Voices of Russia’s Minorities on the Invasion of Ukraine”. This special section aims to provide a platform for the voices of Russia’s ethnic minority anti-war activists. It looks at how the full scale invasion into Ukraine has affected ethnic minority populations of the Russian Federation and places their anti-war activism in the context of online and offline social movements.


Kristina Jonutytė is an Associate Professor at Vilnius University (Lithuania). She is a social anthropologist currently undertaking research on Buryat racialisation and belonging in the context of the war in Ukraine, with a particular focus on Buryat outmigration to Mongolia. Talk: Introduction

Abubakar Yangulbaev is an Independent Human Rights Lawyer and Researcher from Grozny, Russia (Chechen Republic). Title of the talk: “Russia’s Invasions: From Chechnya to Ukraine”

Maria Vyushkova is a Buryat anti-war activist and a previous Research Director of the Free Buryatia Foundation. She is also a Research Scientist at the Center for Research Computing, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, USA. Title of the talk: “Russia's ethnic minorities and the Ukraine war”

Radjana Dugar-DePonte is a Representative of the Buryat Democratic Movement ‘Buryad-Mongol Erkheten’ in the USA, Lancaster, PA, USA. She is also a Member of the organisation Free Nations League. Title of the talk: “‘Free Nations League’. A Political Platform for Independence”

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Seminarium jest częścią projektu realizowanego ze środków NCN (2020/39/B/HS6/02809) przez dr Zuzannę Bogumił.