Owning the Present and Crafting Futures

Zapraszamy na wykład inaugurujący Szkołę Letnia SIEF (the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore). Wykład wygłosi professor Regina Bendix

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Abstract: For more than a century, endeavors to safeguard monuments and intangible practices have spawned around the globe. During the last decades, heritage and restoration studies as well as critical heritage studies have grown nearly in the same proportions as have the bureaucratic processes and institutions channeling heritage making. Scholars have laid open the ideological reasons, flanked by the political and economic motivations that foster the enshrining of cultural pasts. The presentation will sketch this background with its implied collective aspirations to then turn to individuals. How do individuals accumulate (cultural) knowledge as much as skills, and how can experiences accrued in this process equip them toward flourishing in an age so overshadowed by limitations created by humankind?  Drawing on cases from the realm of craft work and other realms of tacit, non-academic learning, I will ask what aspect of “tradition” understood as dynamic knowledges might be innovative and thus potentially empowering to confront and live in the here and now and face where humankind or rather the multispecies world is headed.

Professor Regina Bendix (Georg-August University in Gottingen, Germany): https://www.academia-net.org/profil/prof-dr-regina-f-bendix/...

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