Doctors, the Social-Weavers
Knowledge and Knowledge-Making in Polish Primary Care 

Z przyjemnością przekazujemy wiadomość, że w ostatnim wydaniu "Anthropological Journal of European Cultures" (vol. 30 (2021), issue 1(March 2021)) ukazał się tekst dr Huberta Wiercińskiego pt. Doctors, the Social-Weavers. Knowledge and Knowledge-Making in Polish Primary Care. 

This  paper  explores  the  problem  of  knowledge  and  knowledge-making among Polish primary care doctors. Following Kirsten Has-trup and Tim Ingold, I argue that doctors are skilful social-weavers capable of exploring and reconciling various orders of knowledge. Thus, through a diverse set of knowledgeable yarns – originating from professional and state regimes, and embedded in today’s social relationships and economies – doctors are involved in the art of weaving a fabric composed of many, it would seem, contradictory orders  of  knowledge.  The  fabric  in  question  is  one  in  a  constant  state of reworking – although it is one that establishes a meaningful and knowledgeable environment in which the doctors can perform.

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