Badania w Brocher Foundation (Szwajcaria)

W październiku 2020 r. prof. UW Magdalena Radkowska-Walkowicz i mgr Maria Reimann z IEiAK pracują w Brocher Foundation nad projektem "Anthropology of Turner syndrome. On girls, women, and medicine".

O projekcie:

TS produces mirrors, which reflect social entanglements, and expectations, especially those related to female bodies and female roles. Since TS is characterized by the partial or complete absence of an X chromosome, one can assume, that in a way, the lives of women with TS are devoted to recreating this missing X chromosome. At the centre of all TS-related issues and in everyday experiences of people with the diagnosis, lie questions related to femininity, reproduction, attractiveness, and gender roles.
Thus TS is a story about the body and its social perception. This is a story of being shackled by expectations and norms, but also of one’s resistance to them. Viewing TS allows one to see different problems of the modern world, in its local, Polish context. The case of Turner Syndrome shows how the biological and the social are inseparable in everyday experience, and how difficult it is to disentangle what in one’s life is due the biological condition (in this case: being born with a disease) and what is an outcome of the way in which the others react to this condition.