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Cover titlesort ascending Author Year of publication
Who is Afraid of Frankenstein? Polish Debate on In-Vitro Fertilization Radkowska-Walkowicz Magdalena 2013
Who Can be a True Pole? On Gender Panic Agnieszka Kościańska 2014
Web is foundation of young people’s lives Cichocki Piotr 2012
okładka czasopisma Urban Walks. Footsteps, Narratives, and the Storied City Karolina Dudek, Sławomir SikoraSikora 2022
Traumatic masculinities: the gendered geographies of Georgian IDPs from Abkhazia Grabowska Magdalena, P. Kabachnik, J. Regulska et. al. 2013
The Other Side of Istanbul Sikora Sławomir 2011
okładka czasopisma The Islamic Framing of the Economic Activities of Salafi-oriented Muslims in Dagestan, North Caucasus: An Anthropological Approach Iwona Kaliszewska, Jagoda Schmidt, Marek KaletaKaliszewska 2022
The In-between Generation. Immigrants and the Problem of a Dual Sense of Belonging Bielenin-Lenczowska Karolina 2014
okładka czasopisma The Big, the Small, and the Ugly: The Politics of Scale-Making in a Contested Railway Project in Italy

We recommend an article by Mateusz Laszczkowski PhD in "Ethnos". The article looks at the disputes surrounding the high-speed railway project in the Italian Alps. Using this example, the author argues that scale in infrastructure 'mega-projects' - their seemingly obvious 'size' - is the result of political processes in which the agency of various actors, from macroeconomic factors to microscopic particles in the air, is negotiated.

Mateusz LaszczkowskiLaszczkowski 2023
Technobonds" – the role of gene-related technologies in the redefinition of “care” and family among cancer patients in Poland Wierciński Hubert 2015
Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Ząbek Maciej (ed.) 2015
okładka czasopisma Strong Social Ties and Adherence to Face Mask Wearing in COVID-19 Pandemic in Dagestan, North Caucasus Iwona Kaliszewska, Iwa KołodziejskaKaliszewska 2022
State and Legal Practice in the Caucasus Kaliszewska Iwona, Voell Stéphane 2015
Special issue of "Sexualities"  Kościańska Agnieszka, Renkin Hadley (red.)Kościańska 2016
Okładka książki - tytuł i obrazek z paczką Spaghetti with Ajvar: An Ethnography of Migration, Gender, Learning and Change Karolina Bielenin-LenczowskaBielenin-Lenczowska 2017
Social Justice, Hegemony, and Women’s Mobilizations [in: Postcommunism from Within Social Justice, Mobilization, and Hegemony] Grabowska Magdalena, Regulska Joanna 2013
Religious Imageries at Polish Catholic Shrines -articles in The Journal of Global Catholicism  Magdalena Lubańska, Kamila Baraniecka-Olszewska, Julia Bujskich, Konrad SiekierskiLubańska 2018
Religious Boundaries, Komsholuk, and Sharing Sacred Spaces in Bulgaria Magdalena LubańskaLubańska 2018
Redefining well-being through actions: women's activism and the Polish state in: Transforming Gendered ... Grabowska Magdalena 2011
okładka czasopisma Productive Sexological Self-Censorship in Late Communist Poland between State and Church Agnieszka KościańskaKościańska 2024