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Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ząbek Maciej (ed.)
Year of publication: 

From Introduction and Conclusions:

The Tanzanian-Polish conference held at the private University in Iringa, Tanzania, in February 2015, served as an inspiration for this publication. Its leading theme was the idea of „sustainable development”.

The conference held at the University of Iringa was an exceptional opportunity for the Polish and Tanzanian researchers to meet regardless of physical distance separating these faraway countries. In fact, they share not only similar experiences of the socialist system but also common problems of the contemporary world. The meeting broadened our general knowledge by adding a wide variety of both theoretical and empirical approaches and
also paved the way for publication of this volume. (...)

Contemporary times confront us with increasingly demanding tasks to better ourselves, to improve our scientific and didactic work, and to enhance the surrounding world. However, we can face these civilizational challenges only once we realize the necessity of sustainable development and timely avert all negative phenomena caused by ourselves. We believe that this book will trigger reflection and inspire discourse both among scientists and students.