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Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology 
University of Warsaw

Żurawia 4, 00-503 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 55 316 11/ fax. 22 55 316 12

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Cover title Author Year of publicationsort descending
materiał poglądowy Contact building: emotional exchanges between counsellees and counsellors in the late socialist period in Poland Agnieszka KościańskaKościańska
People of Illusive and Constant Honour in: Ludzie wygasłego spojrzenia (People of Extinguished Insight) Olędzki Jacek

tłum. Korzeniowska Aniela, Sikora Stefan and Petrus Alicja

The Other Side of Istanbul Sikora Sławomir 2011
Mourning the Polish Pope in Polish Cities in: Grassroots Memorials... Klekot Ewa 2011
Redefining well-being through actions: women's activism and the Polish state in: Transforming Gendered ... Grabowska Magdalena 2011
Postsocialism as a Diagnostic Tool. Common-Sense Concepts of Power and State in Southern Poland Malewska-Szałygin Anna 2012
Web is foundation of young people’s lives Cichocki Piotr 2012
Post-Socialist or Post-Peasant? Reflection on Mountain-Dwellers' Image of the State and the Authorities Malewska-Szałygin Anna 2012
A Female Anthropologist. Knowledge Determined by Gender Bielenin-Lenczowska Karolina 2012
Bringing the Second World In: Conservative Revolution(s), Socialist Legacies, and Transnational Silences in the Trajectories of Polish Feminism Grabowska Magdalena 2012
At the Intersection of Gender and Class: Social Mobilization Around Mothers' Rights in Poland Hryciuk Renata, Korolczuk Elźbieta 2013
Traumatic masculinities: the gendered geographies of Georgian IDPs from Abkhazia Grabowska Magdalena, P. Kabachnik, J. Regulska et. al. 2013
Social Justice, Hegemony, and Women’s Mobilizations [in: Postcommunism from Within Social Justice, Mobilization, and Hegemony] Grabowska Magdalena, Regulska Joanna 2013
Decision-making in farming households in eastern Poland Krzyworzeka Amanda 2013
Who is Afraid of Frankenstein? Polish Debate on In-Vitro Fertilization Radkowska-Walkowicz Magdalena 2013
Gebrochene Kontinuitäten: Transnationalität in den Erinnerungskulturen Ostmitteleuropas im 20. Jahrhundert Halemba Agnieszka, Gąsior Agnieszka, Troebst Stefan (ed.) 2014
Articles in Czech Sociological Review Wierciński H., Kościańska A., Radkowska-Walkowicz M. 2014
The In-between Generation. Immigrants and the Problem of a Dual Sense of Belonging Bielenin-Lenczowska Karolina 2014
Who Can be a True Pole? On Gender Panic Agnieszka Kościańska 2014