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Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology 
University of Warsaw

Żurawia 4, 00-503 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 55 316 11/ fax. 22 55 316 12

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Agnieszka Kosiorowska

PhD student

Antropologist, MA graduate in Etnology and Cultual Anthropology and in Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw. Her current research concerns the relationships between Catholicism and reproduction among Polish migrants in Paris. He has conducted a one year research for her master thesis concerning expert motherhood and inter-generational language transmission among a Polish community in Paris. For her BA she conducted research concerning lack of trust towards expert knowledge among agriculturers in a rural community in north-eastern Poland. 

Area of interest

Anthropology of gender and sexuality, anthropology of religion, migration studies, sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology, political anthropology, postsocialist studies. 

Selected publications

• 2019 Questioning Bacteria. How Farmers in North-Eastern Poland Resist Forced Progress, "Anthropology of
East Europe Review", 36(1), p. 3-24.

• 2020 Kwestionując bakterie. Opór podlaskich rolników wobec wymuszonego postępu [In:] Antropologia pracy. Etnograficzna monografia rolniczego Podlasia, ed. Amanda Krzyworzeka, Warszawa: Oficyna Naukowa.

• 2020 Zaangażowana antropologia edukacji, "Lud", 104(1), p. 529-533 (review).

Research projects

A scholarship holder in the project Catholicising Reproduction, Reproducing Catholicism: Activist Practices and Intimate Negotiations in Poland, 1930 - Present (NCN OPUS grant, 2019/33/B/HS3/01068), director of the project: dr hab. Agnieszka Kosciańska.

Conferences and visiting lectures

• Paper entitled "" Bilingualism Is in Fashion Now ": How the Polish Mother Became an Expert" delivered at
of the conference "Family and Women in Eastern Europe: Current Research on Family And Women since the Middle
Ages until present times ".
• Paper entitled "" Fair, Natural and Reasonable ": Sexuality and Reproduction in the Discourse of a Religious
Organization of Polish Migrants in France ", given at the conference of the European Association for
the History of Medicine and Health.
• Co-authorship of the paper entitled "" God Gave US Free Will To Use ": Catholic Women and the Abortion Ban", given at the conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions.

Scheduled appearances:
• Co-authorship of the paper entitled "Catholics in favor of contraception? The Catholic Church's position on planning
families and the practices of the faithful ", which will be delivered at the 6th International Congress of Religious Studies.

Awards and Scholarships

Scholarship of the Minister of Education and Science for significant scientific achievements for the 2020/2021 academic year.