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‘Should I Buy Her a Doll’? Motherhood and Turner Syndrome in Poland

Magdalena Radkowska, Ewa Maciejewska-Mroczek
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‘Should I Buy Her a Doll’? Motherhood and Turner Syndrome in Poland
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Medical Antropology
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Turner syndrome (TS) is a genetic condition that affects only girls and women, leading to health issues including infertility. Patients usually require recombinant growth hormone, and sex hormone therapy. Based on our anthropological research in Poland, we posit questions regarding the management of societal expectations by female parents regarding the femininity of their daughters, especially within the context of infertility. We query: Is it possible to understand TS and its consequences as not only being an obstacle to future plans, but also having emancipatory potential? To answer this question, we refer to the concept of hope and analyze the interpretative work of mothers of girls with TS.