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Postcolonialism after Bucha | Постколоніалізм після Бучі

In what language do Ukrainians decolonise themselves? Recording of meeting and discussion of the Interdisciplinary Team for Postcolonial Research (in Ukrainian and English). 

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At the opening meeting of the Interdisciplinary Postcolonial Research Group, we heard from people involved in the formation of the political and intellectual manifestations of Ukrainian sovereignty. They are guides to Ukrainian memory and the everyday - the complexity of the places they inhabit and speak from. Thus, the issues of decolonization and the language and practices that make it possible would be approached. 

The struggle and resistance of Ukrainians is a response to Russia's ongoing military aggression and territorial annexations since 2014, to the propaganda and disinformation campaign to erase Ukrainian identity and political self-determination. On the other hand, Ukrainians respond to geopolitical discourses which overlook their agency.

The resistance is military, or intellectual, or based on affective and solidarity-driven social practices. We therefore want to ask: How do Ukrainians understand solidarity? What are forms of the "local agency" taken by the collectives who fight for their existence in Ukraine? How can anti-colonial resistance express complexity (linguistic, cultural, political) and democratic impulse without slipping into a bipolar worldview of warring empires?  


Valeriia Buradzhyieva is an independent curator, arts manager and researcher with a background in culture studies and performance studies. She comes from Berdiansk, Ukraine and has collaborated with IZOLYATSIA (Soledar, Ukraine), Wild Theatre (Kyiv, Ukraine) and Milvus Artistic Research Center (Knislinge, Sweden) among others. Valeriia is a co-founder and member of editorial team of Soniakh Digest: https://soniakh.com/  

Dr. Julia Buyskykh is a historian and socio-cultural anthropologist affiliated with the Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and an NGO Centre for Applied Anthropology in Kyiv. Author of „The Voices and Experiences of “Local” Scholars: How Do We Speak About the War”

Oleksandr Fedoryshen is a historian. He was a director of the Vinnitsa History Center (2017-2021). Currently he is a director of the Vinnitsa Museum, a secretary of the Council for History, Cultural Heritage and Toponymy at the Mayor of Vinnitsa. Author of „Decolonization in Vinnitsa: first results”