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Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology 
University of Warsaw

Żurawia 4, 00-503 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 55 316 11/ fax. 22 55 316 12

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Edyta Łubińska

PhD student
PhD Studies 
Faculty of History, University of Warsaw



Area of interest

Edyta is a PhD candidate in Institute of Etnology and Cultural Antropology of Faculty of History of University of Warsaw. Her academic interests focus on African art, with a special interest in traditional art of RDC, CAR, Congo; Tuareg art, Yoruba masks and theatre. She spent one year in the Central African Republic for her anthropological fieldwork. She studies social role of woman in central Africa and Zande community from Central African Republic. She also published several of academic papers in the field of the study of anthropology and african art in academic journals and edited books.

Research projects

Current Project

Curating "Small. Hidden world of Africa" - the exhibition dedicated to African talismans and amulets, Pierluigi Peroni collection. Housted by the Jagiellonian Library in Kraków (May10th-June3nd 2016).

Curating the upcoming exhibition " Sudan " - the exhibition dedicated to colonial postcards from Sudan, dr Adam Rybiński collection. Hausted by the University of Warsaw (opening in October 2016).

Member of scientific organizations

She is member of the Polish Association of African Studies as well as member of Center for the Study of African Archeology (CSAA) in Milan.